Hula Dog reinvents the identity of the American hotdog

What is Hula Dog?

Hula Dog is a Hawaiian style foodie hot dog. We reinvented the identity of the American hot dog.
The sweet essence of Hawaiian fruits is combined with the mellow warmth of our garlic, lemon sauces to contrast with the savory taste of a polish sausage or 44 Farms all beef sausage. Therefore, not only do we provide a foodie hot dog that not only presents a totally new taste sensation, but one that must be held differently too - you can eat it with one hand and with no mess. We employ our own uniquely designed equipment to toast a Puka(hole) in the bread and keep the sausages and sauces all contained within the bread.

The combination of flavors is what makes a Hula Dog so unique. First you have the choice of an Artisan Bacon Taro bread or White bread. Then select the savory taste of a Polish sausage, or go for the premium 44 Farms all beef sausage. Next, top it off with a variety of Hawaiian-made tropical fruit relishes (Mango, Pineapple, Coconut, Maui Onion), lemon garlic sauces (Heat or no Heat), and exotic mustards (Lilikoi, Guava). There are literally hundreds of combinations. With each bite, you will know you will be closer to Hawaiian paradise.

We promise we make the and best lemonade and softest shaved ice in town. Lemonade is freshly squeezed and hand shook the old fashion way. Our top of the line Hatsuyuki shaved ice machine produces the softest shaved ice you will ever experience. Then, top it off with the all-natural Hawaiian fruit syrups, your mouth will be hula dancing!